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Women’s Income Generating Activities


“Power to Create, Nurture and Change”

Kombra: means a caring and nurturing in the Temne indigenous language in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
This project is a “Women’s Economic Development Enterprise” initiative by Mary Hawa Turay cdpeace Co-founder to help the women utilize their skills and earn fair wages to improve economic development in rural Sierra Leone. Kombra’s overall purpose is to empower the women and make it possible for them to send their children to school and support their families.

Kombra Tie-died (gara) Textile Production


Tie-died (gara) Textile Production Pictures

The Kombra Women produce Gara Tie-Died tablecloth & napkins sets are a perfect gift to give to your family and friends for any special occasion:  Weddings, New Home, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Days and Birthdays. 

For more information, vesit http://welcometokombra.blogspot.com/


Kombra Jam Production


Jam Production Pictures

The Kombra Women are producing fruit jam made from locally grown fresh fruits like pawpaw, pineapples, berry and mangoes, oranges, grapefruits using appropriate technology. 

For more information, visit http://www.mystfx.ca/services/scc/mary/Links/KOMBRA%20JAM%20FINAL%20FLYER%5B1%5D.pdf

Mapaki Women’s Community Store

We have provided support to regenerate a women-run community store at Mapaki to provide the community with basic necessities. This has eliminated the need for community members to walk 7 miles to the closest market, and generates income for local development projects.

Contact Kombra @ kombra.cdpeace@gmail.org