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International School Twinning Program

This project  links students in Canada and Sierra Leone to learn about and address common issues.

We are currently twinning schools in the Paki Masabong and Gbonkolenken chiefdoms with school in Canada. Information has been shared through letter-writing, slide-shows, video-taping cultural performances, and school presentations.

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cdpeace School Twinning Global Education

With the assistance of Dr. William J. Egnatoff, Associate Professor, Computers in Education, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University at Kingston, cdpeace is developing online tools and system to manage the International School Twining communication:

  1. The email address for communication with teachers about the organization of the twinning is  There is also a mailing list for announcements for the school twining members.
  2. We have created a wiki for sharing all teacher-teacher and pupil-pupil communication among the twined schools.
    Topics like:

    • School profiles
    • Relevant background information
    • Topics of study
  3. We are creating a bi-national teacher-teacher communication about subject matter and approaches to teaching.  And experimenting with the use of video and teacher dialogue to improve teaching practice.
  4. We are also creating a bi-national parent-parent communication about concerns they share for their children and what it means to them to have partnerships with each others’ communities.

Dr. William J. Egnatoff’s Global Education Course on
“Bi-National Learning and the Internet: Grassroots Experiments in Global Education”