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Community Development Programs

Construction of the Peace Education Centre

cdpeace Education Centre Construction Site.

The Kamara family in Mayagba generously donated 23 acres of land for the construction of the cdpeace Centre. The Peace Education Centre will serve as a place for training community leaders, women and youth, students and teachers, farmers’ groups, and small business entrepreneurs in various aspects of development, peace building, human rights, gender issues, business management, and other community health-related issues. View Photos. 

We are also constructing on the site the  Listen to the Children Multi-purpose Centre for our Youth Leadership Programs. This project was founded and is funded by Logan MacGillivray from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada who started working with cdpeace when he was 10 years old in 2008.  Read Articles on:  Traditional Music with Youths, Red Cross 2010 Young Humanitarian Award. View Photos of:  Listen to the Children Multi-Purpose Centre Construction

International School Twinning Program

Students of Maso Community School

Students of Maso Community School

This project links students in Canada and Sierra Leone to learn about and address common issues. So far, six schools in the Paki – Masabong and Gbonkolenken Chiefdoms and about ten schools in Canada are involved. Information has been shared through letter-writing, slide-shows, video-taping cultural performances, and school presentations.
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Community Health Program

Community Health Program: Medical supplies and equipment container sent to cdpeace communities from Canada

We are working with the communities to address health issues that affect people’s daily lives. Staff at St. Martha’s Hospital in Antigonish raised funds to rebuild the health centre at Mapaki and New Brunswick’s Fundy Peace Foundation in Canada is helping to refurbish six Health Centres in Paki – Masabong Chiefdom by sending a container full of health equipments, supplies and medicines.
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School Construction and Rehabilitation

School Construction: New Mathombo Community School constructed by cdpeace

We are providing materials to schools in seven communities affected by the war. We are also seeking funds to allow us to work with communities to rebuild schools destroyed or damaged during the war.

View photo gallery of before and after the construction of one of our schools – Mathombo community school that was burnt by the rebels. School children and parents died in the fire. Canadian National Hockey League (NHL) organization Newport Sport Management Inc. provided the funds to rebuild the school with the support of CIDA and other Canadian individuals.

Peace Education and Teacher Training

Launching the Peace Education Curriculum in Sierra Leone

Launching the Peace Education Curriculum in Sierra Leone

The devastating war that engulfed Sierra Leone for 11 years has exposed the youth and children under 18 yrs old to violent experiences. We value our youth and look up to them to be the leaders of the next generation. In order to facilitate this transition, we are working with teachers and students in peace and basic education.

Women’s Income Generating Activities



With support, a women-run community store at Mapaki was regenerated to provide the community with basic necessities, eliminate the need for community members to walk 7 miles to the closest market, and generate income for local development projects. Other projects are under development for women’s groups in both Chiefdoms.
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Gender Sensitivity Workshops

Gender Sensitization Workshops

Gender Sensitization Workshops

We mobilize students, community members and elders of all ages, gender and social backgrounds to identify the gender roles and stereotypes that are affecting their communities.
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Libraries/Resource Centres Program

Libraries / Resources Centre

Libraries / Resources Centre

A library/Resource Centre at Mapaki for the community and area schools was successfully built and fully stocked in 2008. Our next project is to setup the same service at Mayagba and Mabarie/Makonkorie. Not only does this library provide culturally appropriate books for children and adults, it also has laptop computers and internet access – the first in a rural setting in Sierra Leone.
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Agriculture and Adult Literacy

Agicultural Seeds Distribution

Agicultural Seeds Distribution

We have provided work-oxen for the communities of Maso and Mathombo to support the community schools’ agricultural learning and fundraising initiatives. Members of local agricultural groups also make use of the oxen as part of their functional literacy training. We are seeking more funds to provide the same support for the other communities.
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Outreach Educational Programs and Consultancy Services

Capacity building training /workshops for local and international partners

  • Training of Trainers in Peace Education for Peaceful Schools and Local Communities
  • Food Processing Services to Local Farmers’ Associations
  • Appropriate Technology Development for Women’s and Youth’s Income-generating Groups
  • Gender Sensitization Workshops
  • Youth Leadership Peer Education
  • Exchange programs with local and international partners
  • Internship programs for local and international partners

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Centre-based Educational Programs

These programs will be implemented after some of the buildings have been constructed at the cdpeace Education and Training Centre.

A) Diplomas and certificates in Community-Centred Development and Peace building

  • Training of Trainers for Education for Peaceful Schools and Local Communities
  • Community Agricultural Extension Education
  • Sustainable Environmental Development and Eco-Tourism
  • Participatory Governance and Human Security
  • Organization and Management of Community-Based Organizations
  • Gender, Development and Peace building
  • Indigenous Community-based Approaches to Development
  • Community Health and Development
  • Appropriate Technology and Development.
  • Agro-Forestry Development and Management Spirituality and Development
  • Media and Peace building
  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Youth Leadership
  • Participatory Project Planning, Evaluation and Management of Development Organizations.
  • Small Business Development and Management
  • Savings and Micro-Credit Management
  • Indigenous Sierra Leonean Languages and Cross-Cultural Training

(B) Research, publication and dissemination with emphasis on developing scholarship in the Global South