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Interns & Volunteers Application Form

Interns, volunteers and visitors who travel to Sierra Leone help us in various ways upon their return, such as incorporating their new knowledge in teaching and solidarity work, providing continued financial support and/or helping with fund-raising and organization, sharing stories with others who in turn become involved in solidarity work and/or become donors, etc. If your application is accepted, on returning home we ask interns and volunteers to send a letter of appreciation to their chiefdom hosts.

You may want to take a look at our volunteer blog to get a sense of what impact this kind of experience can have on you, both personally and professionally.

Application for Internship or Volunteer Placement

If you are interested in an internship or volunteering for cdpeace, please answer the questions below and submit your response along with a copy of your resume or CV. Please include names, phone numbers, and emails of two references who would be helpful to assess your suitability to embark on such a venture. Thank you for your interest!

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Contact Info

Your Location


Have you read every section of the cdpeace web site? Also, it would be useful if you read everything you can about Sierra Leone. Do you have you any comments?

Explain why you wish to volunteer with cdpeace.

What period of time do you have available and when?

Describe the skills you can contribute to our program and any experience you have that is applicable to our program.

Describe any previous educational, professional or personal qualifications and how you think they apply to our program.

Describe in detail any previous volunteer experience you have had.

Describe the possible follow-up work you could do on your return to your home country.

Have you ever worked or lived in a developing country? Where? For how long and in what capacity?

Describe your personal level of comfort with very basic living conditions, such as lack of electricity or running water, outdoor toilets, transportation difficulties and unfamiliar foods. Do you recognize the health risks you face working in a developing country?

Do you understand the financial commitment necessary to volunteer with cdpeace? Are you able to provide or raise these funds?

Are you willing to sign a waiver to absolve cdpeace of all responsibility in the case of accident or illness? You will also be asked to fill out an emergency medical information form

Please supply 2 good references and give details on the type of reference you are providing.

Your CV

If you are submitting a Word document please scan the document for viruses. We prefer Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files for its safety, but PDFs will also preserve your document's original style and formatting. You can create PDFs for free using PDF995.

Please press the "Send Email" button only once. It may take a few minutes to upload and submit your CV.

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