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Volunteer Interns & Visitors

Our organization is relatively small and we are in the process of constructing the Centre for Development and Peace Education at Mayagba Village, the Head Office of cdpeace. Interns, volunteers and visitors have contributed a great deal to our organization, and in return are given a rich experience of learning about a fascinating part of the world, making it a mutually- enriching experience. Because we are still in the process of rebuilding, the best support interns, volunteers and visitors can offer is to help us raise funds to construct the Centre for Development and peace Education to enable us to implement solid on-the-ground programming for the long-term.

Facilities for Volunteer, Interns and Visitors

For program partner interns and volunteers who work in Sierra Leone, cdpeace has modest guesthouses in Mayagba (our home-base village), Mapaki (Chiefdom Headquarter about nine miles from Mayagba) and Makonkorie (in Gbonkolenken Chiefdom about one hour’s drive from Mayagba).  Interns and volunteers will have moderate access to the internet in Mapaki. cdpeace will assign a suitable resident in Sierra Leone to serve as professional host, and will also provide a letter of invitation on cdpeace letterhead to support a visa application.

Volunteers, Interns and Visitors

Interns Tanya and Jenika

Our interns and volunteers must commit to help us meet a specific, identified organizational need and we hope that volunteers will continue to support work with cdpeace upon their return to their home country.

Currently we are looking for interns and volunteers who can help us establish the infrastructure of a rural-based adult education teaching and learning complex, especially in the areas of

  • Fund-raising
  • Peace Education
  • Primary and Secondary School Education
  • Community Health
  • Technology (computers and alternative energy)
  • Publishing and research.
  • Agriculture (Food Production and Agric Extension)
  • Business Management
  • Support our work in peace and social justice education.

Once the cdpeace Centre is established, we will be better placed to welcome and accommodate interns and volunteers to support other programming initiatives.
Our interns and volunteers require considerable initiative and independence to develop and implement ideas and action plans in challenging circumstances (limited budget or infrastructure, transportation challenges, basic living accommodations). There are risks to traveling and working in a tropical, developing country and we ask volunteers to research the necessary health precautions. We are happy to provide assistance and guidance if necessary but urge interested parties to contact their local public health unit as a starting point.

Sierra Leone Background

Interns and Volunteers Application Form