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Sierra Leone Background

River Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a Western African country endowed with abundant natural resources. Yet since the 1990s, the UN has rated the country as one of the world’s most underdeveloped countries. From 1991 – 2002, the country experienced one of the most horrific, violent conflicts in West Africa in recent times.

Map of Sierra Leone

Over fifty thousand people were brutally killed, half a million lived as refugees, and about two million were internally displaced. Rural and urban infrastructure was also destroyed. The fragile peace environment in West Africa in recent decades has hindered the region’s ability to realize its socio-economic, cultural, and political potentials. Citizens of this region are mobilizing their human and non-human assets and capacities to build local and global constituencies that enhance social transformation, peace, and political stability.

Useful Links (from Sierra Leone Web)

Business Websites
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Tourism Websites
Hotels, resorts, and tourism-related websites.

Goverment of Sierra Leone Websites
Websites of government and parastatals.

Official Websites
United Nations, embassies, and international judiciary.

Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities
Governance, legal assistance, and charities.

Professional Associations
Websites of professional organisations in Sierra Leone.

Schools and Universities
Official and unofficial websites about some of Sierra Leone’s educational institutions.